The Co-Host of The Marketing Podcast

Get to know Brendan

Favourite Work Activities:

  • Brainstorming Solutions / New Business Consulting
  • Switching Important Mission Critical DNS Settings
  • Fixing Crashed Websites

Favourite Non-Work Activities:

  • Hobby CNCist / 3D Printing / Maker
  • Hobby farming
  • Playing guitar in my band Hunt The Hare

Favourite Music:

  • Genres: Celtic Music, East Coast Fiddle Music, Folk and Swing Music
  • Bands: Flook, Lunasa, Hawp (Andy Webster), John Doyle
  • Currently listening to: Emily Jean Flack

Education and Experience:

Brendan has focused experience and knowledge in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and is a graduate of Trent University. An accomplished web designer, Brendan leads our development team; offering an ability to provide creative solutions to meet the needs of clients with experience in both the private and public sector. Raised on a farm, Brendan gets it when it comes to understanding the agriculture sector.

Brendan conceptualizes and oversees all of our major digital projects. He brings his development experience and technical knowledge ranging from WordPress site development, CSS, HTML5 and MySQL implementations.