Sidra’s role at acorn30

As a Social Media Marketing Manager, Sidra creates social media content for our clients. This includes scheduling and posting blogs, creating social media series and holiday posts

Get to know Sidra

Favourite Work Activities:

  • Making customized posts for social media.
  • Knowing new people and learning about their work.
  • Trying new research for clients’ attention.

Favourite Non-Work Activities:

  • Getting ready and doing makeup.
  • Writing and painting.
  • Spending time with my favourite people.
  • Going out for food.

Favourite Music:

  • Genres: Disco, Hip Hop and sometimes 90s
  • Band: Not any particular
  • Currently listening to: Coke Studio

Education and Background:

Sidra has 6 years of Marketing experience in various industries and demographics.
Sidra started her journey by educating herself in Doctor of Physical Therapy, along with her studies she continued working for different clients in Marketing and Graphic designing, which gave her the unique opportunity to work and learn more about social media marketing.

Sidra’s experience of working onboard has honed her skills in negotiations with various demographics and cultures. Through this work, sidra has developed the ability to easily connect with people.

Sidra has now shifted her focus to online sales and marketing. She is passionate about helping people identify growth opportunities and is excited to inform others about new ways to leverage digital resources to achieve business goals.