content marketing for agriculture and manufacturing companies

Attracting the right customers with relevant content at the right time.

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Just like the modernization in production has evolved, so has content creation.

Content creation has become much more sophisticated than the early days of leaving social media management to the interns.  

More than half (67%) of today’s B2B manufacturing and agriculture buyers make their purchase decision before ever picking up the phone and talking to you. This means that the decision to buy (or not buy) from you is based primarily on your content. 

At acorn30, we help generate relevant content for your target buyer, resulting in new revenue for your business.

content marketing creation

From writing your product pages to creating multimedia content to target your leads, you have endless opportunities to get in front of buyers at every stage of their decision-making process.

Website Copywriting for manufacturing and agriculture companies

All of your marketing efforts should point to your website. Ensuring that your site showcases your products, services and industries makes for a good first impression.

Blog Content Creation for manufacturing and agriculture companies

Attracting prospects to your website through blog creation is the start of the sales process. It creates brand awareness and significantly boosts search engine optimization (SEO).

eBooks and White papers for manufacturing and agriculture companies

Gated premium content helps capture lead information by form submissions. It helps identify leads and allows you to engage with them.

Video Production manufacturing and agriculture companies

Facility tours are a great way to get buyers to get a first-hand look at your setup and show off what makes your company the perfect fit.

find out how a custom content marketing strategy can work for you.