Heather’s role at acorn30

As a President of the company, Heather’s primary role is driving strategy for our marketing clients.

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Favourite Work Activities:

  • Developing campaign strategies
  • Writing content
  • Helping clients achieve their goals

Favourite Non-Work Activities:

  • Spending time at the family farm
  • Serving the community as a Mayor
  • Gardening

Favourite Music:

  • Genres: dubstep, metal, pop, folk
  • Band: Metallica \m/
  • Currently listening to: Taylor Swift

Education and Background:

Heather has a lifelong career in marketing, starting at 15 working for a market research firm as an after-school job. She went on to college graduating with two diplomas; Marketing and Human Resources Management and has continued building a career in Marketing since. Her experience started with traditional marketing with a focus on public relations and copywriting and has evolved to the marketing technology that is used today.

Heather has a passion for all things digital and has extensive knowledge in digital marketing, social media and brand management. Having married into a farm family and being surrounded by trades professionals, Heather’s personal connection to agriculture and manufacturing translates to being able to have a deeper understanding of client needs.