Heather’s role at acorn30

As a Creative Director of the company, Heather’s primary role is driving strategy for our marketing clients.

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In 2015, Heather moved away from working under the Marketing Media Solutions banner as a freelancer and formed acorn30. Heather would be happy to reconnect with you to talk to you about your marketing needs. Her core skills are still focussed around creating marketing and communications strategies for small business and non-profit organizations.

In addition to being an expert in her field, Heather is highly skilled at grant writing, having more than $7M in successful grant applications and is always taking on grant writing projects. Additionally, Heather can assist you with your event planning needs, public relations and speech writing.

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Education and Background:

Heather has a lifelong career in marketing, starting at 15 working for a market research firm as an after-school job. She went on to attend Fleming College graduating with two diplomas; Marketing and Human Resources Management and has continued building a career in Marketing since. Her experience started with traditional marketing with a focus on public relations and copywriting and has evolved to the marketing technology that is used today.

Heather has a passion for all things digital and has extensive knowledge in digital marketing, social media and brand management. Having married into a farm family and being surrounded by trades professionals, Heather’s personal connection to agriculture and manufacturing translates to being able to have a deeper understanding of client needs.