Rumble’s role at acorn30

Rumble is the newest addition to the acorn30 Treehouse! The young pup is a source of cheer and sometimes chaos as he finds his way around. As the most junior member of the team, Rumble gets his paws into a little bit of everything but has quickly become known internally for wanting to help people type. He’s respected for his ability to make us laugh and being vocal about his ideas and contributions.

Get to know Rumble

Favourite Work Activities:

  • Team cheerleader
  • Offering a helping paw at the keyboard
  • Chasing the squirrels out of the acorn30 Treehouse

Favourite Non-Work Activities:

  • Frisbee
  • Long walks
  • Meeting new people and playing with other dogs

Favourite Music:

  • Genres: country, rock
  • Band: Snoop Dogg
  • Currently listening to: Steppenwolf

Education and Background:

At a young 4 months Rumble has little experience, but he is eager to learn and has some great instincts. He was a rescue dog and lives with Jess who has been told he will be ‘very big’. A quick learner, he has discovered that that his paws do actually press buttons on Jess’ laptop and that he values positive reinforcement “that’s a good boy!”

Rumble thoroughly enjoys playing outside each day, running around in the backyard is his favorite activity. But not for too long, he will only play for an hour or so before he is ready for a break.

Rumble also enjoys naps, he likes to nap in the afternoon every day. He believes we should all pause our days so we can nap with him on the couch.