Sir Thomas’ role at acorn30

As the team cat, and lead team animal, Sir Thomas enjoys his days wandering around the Treehouse, sometimes sitting in on calls, sometimes sleeping through calls, or leaving part way through. He reminds the others the importance of self-care and rest. Working in a QA/QC role, Sir Thomas is an expert at squashing bugs while mashing the keyboard.

Get to know Sir Thomas

Favourite Work Activities:

  • Quietly supervising with one-eye open
  • Squashing bugs  
  • Cleaning desks off

Favourite Non-Work Activities:

  • Staying out all night
  • Yoga
  • Bringing the community together

Favourite Music:

  • Genres: rock
  • Band: Atomic Kitten
  • Currently listening to: Stray Cats

Education and Background:

Sir Thomas is a man of mystery, joined the team a couple of years ago, after being a ‘neighbourhood cat’ for two years living under at least three different aliases. A talented networker, Sir Thomas quickly found his home in the acorn30 Treehouse and has demonstrated excellence in overseeing team activities. With two (cat) years of marketing experience, Sir Thomas now has the chops to confidently sit in on meetings and skills to work long nights.

Sir Thomas’ handsome looks help him gain clients attention on calls, it also helps bring out a fun and personal side to clients, over just straight business. Sir Thomas doesn’t always want to be inside on calls though, opting to float in and out as he feels and taking spontaneous naps in random spots in the Treehouse.